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2.4GHz DSS cordless phones

Thats 'neat'  if its actually an SS phone and not an FH phone.
and I would venture to guess that 95% of the phones in use out
there are FH (frequency hopping) or just plain wide-band FM.
I myself have 2 wide-band phones in the neighborhood.  These
are very destructive, sometimes pushing my S-meter to S 60+
with the attenuators in! My guess is they are of the illegal
type with a watt or more output. Also my measurements on my
spectrumanalyzer (HP-8565A) Says these phones are right smack
in the middle of the sat subband. 

Damn yes its grim. Because this is just the begining...
I talked to a gentleman in the office depot the other
day and he and his friends were making money putting 
wireless networks into small business with high gain 
antennas so the owners could work from their homes.
So....  we better start looking at the higher bands because
i would wager within three years this band will be pretty
useless for weak signal work.

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