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get a clue...

Hi All,
   could people please get a clue on AO40?  everyone has run too much power
at one time or another
including myself... but I try not to... yet there are stations that are
always way too loud... pass after pass... I'm talking beacon level here...

GET A CLUE!!! tune down and look at the beacon, I don't care what your setup
is... it doesn't matter..
but look at that beacon... see where it is on your meter??? be under it by
at least a couple s units....

 and another thing,everyone loves to praise cw, how it can get through when
ssb wont cut it.... then how come so many cw stations are beacon level???

I'm sure that a lot of people have seen this behavior and have seen the
results... agc clamping the passband... and splatter and  images on the

If you only get the beacon a s unit or two above your noise guess what...
you need to fix your receive and probably shouldn't be on the sat till you
fix that....

ok rant mode off... shields up!!


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