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www.uk.amsat.org downtime

Just a warning..

This weekend there will be some electrical maintenance in our computer
building, and all web servers are at risk.  The downtime is only
supposed to be around 5-10 minutes, but if systems don't come up
correctly after the power-off it will be monday before they get fixed.

The system that may affect you is the one that hosts the AMSAT-UK web
server at:


I keep a backup copy of most of the web tree at:


which is on an old SGI on my desk.  The files not kept on that system
are the Search engine and some of the mailing list archives.  I keep a
full copy of the mailing list archives and the website on my laptop just
in case..

This enforced poweroff will put an end to the 300+ days of system uptime
on the AUK server, and before that it was 500+ days uptime - it runs
Linux of course..

Bye for now, John
  John Heaton, G1YYH
  Manchester Computing, Kilburn Building.
  The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, England, M13-9PL

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