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Lock on tracking

Firstly .. Thanks to all who responded to my post.
Lots of good ideas.  

One new thing occurs to me
is that we can (within in reason) uplink any kind
of signal we want. Then we look for it and use its
characteristics to help do the tracking.

I think what I am trying to say is we can generate 
our own personal tracking beacon.

I found a site giving details of how the Nike missile
(1950's) system worked. In essence it was a four
feed rx system with lots of waveguide plumbing
to give error signals for up/down left/right.

The 'computer' was amazing. Analog with valve (tube) op amps
and motor driven pots. Non the less they could track the missile
and target to a few yards at 50 miles.

My current thinking on the lock on system is to try and work out
if moving the feed about makes the dish 'look' in different directions.

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