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Re: Lock on Tracking

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Howie DeFelice wrote:

> Commercially, sites using inclined orbit GEO's and INMARSAT maritime
> installations use a step track method. The antenna is moved in small
> increments in a pattern. Several signal strength readings are averaged at
> each position and the antenna is nudged toward the center of the position
> that yields the best average signal strength. This method would work fine
> for AO-10, AO-40 or any other relatively slow moving satellite.

Yes, this is what I did for the 40' dish at the Academy.  I used Tom
Clarks original BASIC code to predict the position of any satellite from
the two line elements.  But then I step the dish 0.5 degrees constantly in
a box about that moving position and keep track of the signal strength.
Then increment an offset of 0.25 degrees or so in the direction that gave
the strongest signal...

But remember that the beamwidth of this dish at 2.4 GHz is about .5 deg.

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