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Re: Lock on Tracking

We something similar to this where I work to track inclined orbit comsats. We 
have a separate beacon receiver that tunes to the telemetry beacon on the 
satellite, and outputs a DC control voltage to a Research Concepts RC2000 
dual-axis antenna controller. The RC2000 has an additional module inside it 
that allows it to build a step-track table over a 24 hour period. Once you've 
entered your LAT/LON, and a bunch of other parameters into the controller, 
and manually accquired the satellite, it actively tracks the sat until the 
table is built. It works very well with a 5M dish on Ku-band. I suppose you 
could build a really stable receiver for AO-40 use, and feed it into an 
RC2000 with the mods, but I'll have to look at the manuals when I get into 
work today to see if there are any restrictions on how much inclination it 
could handle.
73, Jim

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