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Re: Is my AO40 beacon strength average ?

I use a 60cm prime focus antenna with a homebrew patch feed with a
Transystem 3733 converter. This setup feeds a homebrew 2m to 10m converter
into my Atlas 110 receiver. Even with this "modest" arrangement, I have
results similar to yours. Since the Atlas 110 doesn't have an S meter, I can
only estimate the reading but S3 to S5 would be about right. Trees
definitely make a big difference. With an un-obstructed view and good squint
I have heard the beacon very loud. I just moved to a new apartment and an
surrounded by trees. Even without leaves, they drop the signal considerably.
Using 10 Watts from a IC-451 and 6 feet of RG-8 into an 11 element "cheap
yagi" linearly polarized produces barely readable SSB and S2 CW back on my
60cm RX.

Considering what you are using and not knowing what the squint or look angle
was at the time I would say you are about on par with my experience.

Howie AB2S

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