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APRS portable without PC ?


I am already long time looking for some easy solution to send messages via 
satellites. What I like to have is some small battery powered portable 

Last time I hear many amateurs about APRS, so I did surfing on the internet.
I was little suprissed what I found. All the programs need PCs to let the 
system work. It is even very tricky to have an GPS with TNC haha.
The only thing APRS does do is recieve GPS data and send it to the nearest 

Is there no TNC EPROM program that can do this stand-alone ?
Just GPS connected to TNC and ready....
Or RS232 terminal to TNC and ready to send messages via APRS...
(packet I already have it portable without PC) :-)

Sometimes I really don't understand why such simple modes have to work with 
so fast computers and complex computer programs.

73 de PE1RAH, William

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