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Is my AO40 beacon strength average ?

Hi all, I am wondering if my received signal from AO40 is average for my setup.
I am using the following :
20 metres of RG213
DB6NT MKU24 pre-amp
G3RUH 60cm dish and patch feed.

AO40s beacon never peaks above S3. My noise floor < S1.
I can hear my signal coming back about S2 using 50 watts into a 8 9 ele vert beam on 70cm. I tried a 1m prime focus dish last night and got the beacon to S5. Is there anyone out there using a 60cm dish and patch getting S9 signals ? or are some of the reports a bit on the keen side.
I have painted the dish with plasticote paint which is non metalic, but wondering if this could be having some effect.

Darren Rainer G4VTQ
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