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RE: Goddard feed now up -REPLY-

Thank you for your follow-up on this issue. It is a bummer to be dropped and
not even know it. Well, I guess you know it when you do not get any data!!
Sorry for the delay on my reply. I had enough of Bill Gates' "Me" and at
noon today reformated the hard drive and started from scratch with 2000. At
the office it is much more stable, so we'll see. I could not believe how
long I spent looking all over the internet for drivers I forgot about years
ago!!! Time to burn a CD. Hi

Let me know your findings with Ron.

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Hello Gunther,

> I think this is probably a sub routine in the Goddard server code which is
> invoked to be sure that the server is not being tied up by non users.

I'm not so sure that it is deliberate.
Partially because it makes the system less practicall useful: you never
know whether your connection has been dropped, since that happens silently.

And partially because of a little test I did yesterday evening.
My connection had apparently been dropped silently, and then I explicitly
disconnected it from my side, while monitoring the data traffic on my
internet link. It turned out that my system was indeed sending TCP
disconnect packets, but no replies from the Goddard server came back.
That is strange, because according to the TCP protocol, I should have
either received an acknowledgment packet (if the server still knew about
my connection), or a "reset" packet (if the server had forgotten about
my connection).
This suggests a technical problem, perhaps a somewhat too restrictive

I think I'll send Ron Parise (who set up the server, as far as I know)
an e-mail about this; he should be able to tell us whether it is
intentional, and if not, figure out what is happening.

73, Pieter-Tjerk

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