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Re: G-5500

Hi Ben,
  you suspect wrong.... the G-5500's make good trackers, if your controller
is smart enough.... i.e. a Yaesu gs-232 or a tracker controller by W0LMD
then the G-5500 will do slow speeds.... you can also modify the G-5500 to
run slower speeds....
 but for the usual crossed yagis and small 3 foot dish.. its fine as it
is... at least it has been fine here for the last 2 years for sat ops...


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> I just bought a G-5500. I don't have it up yet, but I did study the
> schematic. There is no provision for speed control. I suspect these things
> are poor auto trackers. In order to stay fixed on a moving target it would
> become necessary to pulse the motors. I can see where these things would
> exhibit jerky motion. I've thought about designing a better system using
> servos or stepper motors with optical encoders for position feed back.
> the proper software interface it would be easy to track a satellite with a
> smooth motion of the antenna system. I'm sure its already be done but by
> who?
> Ben K9BF

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