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G 5500

Hi all

2 things found on my new 5500 ..

1	 the 470 MFD cap on power supply is too small , remove it add 2 wires
in it's place and install a 4 to 10,000 MFD 25 volt computer grade cap
in it's place .. Will fix a major voltage problem to the motors .. i.e.:
bunt up motors do to under voltage ..

in several post about A/D voltage jumping around, and not stable , well
that is a bit more involved but easy to fix ..

2 the 5 volt reg is oscillating and causing the tracking voltage to move
around ,

THE FIX is add a 3 piece on the input and output , capacitors at the
regulator leads close to the reg body on the input and out put use the
reg ground pin as common NOT ANY WHERE ELSE !!!!!

input / output is:

.001,  .1 and a tantalum 1 MFD to each side of reg pins back to the
common pin on reg ...

will fix a bunch of problems that has been asked about on the reflector

I am designing a new controller for tracking that will work just fine
with the G 5500 and most other tracking systems as it will use 4
different type of sensors..

1 A/D 		10 bit 		.4 deg .
INCREMENTAL			.01 deg 

and 16 bit parallel input
This I will open source the C code to hams when done in a few weeks , it
be built for $ 25.00 to $ 50.00 on work bench ...

best tom

Ben KB9F wrote:

I just bought a new G-5500 and would like to know what I should do to it
before I put it up to insure a long life.

Wayne replies:

Crack the housing bolts loose one at a time and put anti-seize compound
the bolt threads.  To remove the elevation rotor housing screws, I had
borrow a #3 Phillips screwdriver and use an adjustable wrench on the
screwdriver handle.  I did that on my new G-5500 rotor about a year ago,
after reading the travails of people needing to open up old rotors for

I also tightened the connections to the meters.  One connection was
floppy loose.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA


best 73 tom W2DRZ  FN02LA    FCC # PG-20-2479   what we do:
work:	http://www.ramcoinc.com/index.php
fun:	Wild Women/fast cars*motorcycles/booze 
	*** oops that was many yrs ago!!
	 now just ham radio and chores for XYL
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12 digit grid	FN02LA19XT22	EME on 1296 / 23 cm
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