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Re: Re: new 5.8ghz cordless phones

I don't want to carry this thread on for very long, but my devil's
advocate posting was from the perspective of J. Random taxpayer and
occasional user of RF spectrum.  In that regard, I think that the
unlicensed part-15 users of the 2.4GHz ISM band has better served
him than amateur radio experimentation has.  You can disagree
with that opinion, but people's memories are short and no one today
probably cares to remember what hams did 50 years ago with
that spectrum.

My point is that if we're gonna get all pushed out of shape over
these other users of spectrum that share the allocations that
hams also occupy, you've got to consider the broader point of
view.  If the amateur radio community is going to jump up and
down over this, you may actually cause policy people to ask
the same question that I posed; what's done more for the economy,
the random voter as well as pushing the development of new
RF technology?  People might come to the "wrong" conclusion unless
convincing arguments can be made.

This was prompted by the couple of messages about more part-15
users of in the 5.8GHz spectrum; my personal opinion is that we're
going to see even more interesting developments and techniques
driven by these part 15 users in that spectrum than we have at 2.4GHz.
I think that's a good thing.

The RF spectrum we occupy is a very valuable resource, and I fear
that same old arguments that the amateur radio community uses to
justify exclusive or shared allocations may be less effective
over time.


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