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Re: Re: new 5.8ghz cordless phones

> Uhuh!
> And lets not forget that 5760 MHz is the amateur cw/eme frequency!  I guess
> another mw ham-band bites the dust!  Strange how our ham microwave
> allocations have been chosen for occupancy by all these "unlicensed"
> commercial users!  Soon the only freq. left for ham use will be "above"
> 200-meters...see what our reward is for extending the frontiers of radio!?

Just to play the devil's advocate for a moment; do you believe that hams
have used the 2.4GHz spectrum to extend the frontiers for radio more than
the part 15 use of that ISM spectrum?  It's amazing to me to see all the
neat ways that people are using 802.11b direct sequence spread specturm

The regulatory landscape that's set up encourages a lot of interesting
activities by industry and end users and while lots of it was just
plain crap, some really good came from it and resulted in some nice
technology being available.  And those products have produced a large
and vocal user base that the FCC and other government agencies will
find difficult to ignore.

One hope that some have is that the success of these part 15 unlicenced
products will result in perhaps new ways for the FCC to manage spectrum
rather than making exclusive assignments to single licensees (think about
how cellular carriers get access to spectrum).  This in turn might
reduce the pressure on amateur allocations in the futre.  Maybe.


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