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Re: Re: new 5.8ghz cordless phones

It takes a genuine expert to be able to describe brilliant ideas in a just a
couple of simple paragraphs!

Sign me up as a supporter of such a device on board one our upcoming birds.

hears looking forward to it


Graham G3VZV

>from Tom W3IWI
> Regarding C-Band, I note that in the ITU frequency allocation tables,
>  - the band 5650-5670 MHz is marked "Amateur Satellite Service, Secondary,
> Worldwide, Earth-to-Space" and
>  - the band 5830-5850 MHz is marked "Amateur Satellite Service, Secondary,
> Worldwide, Space-to-Earth".
> This 2x20 MHz pairing could be one of our most valuable resources in
> satellites. I can envision an in-band transponder with a single 5750 MHz
> Local Oscillator. This would swap the sidebands and be an inverting
> transponder, which would cancel out the bulk of Doppler shift. Both
> satellite and ground user could employ a single dish antenna for both
> and downlink (using opposite polarizations). A standard "BUD" (big ugly
> dish) TVRO antenna would provide enough gain so that very little TX power
> would be needed, even to achieve up/downlink bandwidths of several MHz.

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