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Strange FM uplink signals on AO-40 & Eagle comment.

Last night I was listening to AO40 again and it was out over the 
Pacific.  There was one frequency above the beacon that appeared to have a 
considerable amount of FM activity.  It sounded like there were a number of 
terrestrial FM stations from maybe four or five locations in the footprint 
using that particular frequency simultaneously.  I can now understand why 
the VK's and ZL's have problems with interference from Asia.   I wish I 
would have tried to see what the uplink frequency was the were 
using.  Also, I encourage everyone to get on AO40. I'm really impressed 
with it.
I read the Amsat Journal write-up on Eagle, and my only comment is that I'd 
like to see the S band transmitter be as strong as the AO-40 one is.  I 
think I read in the article that it was going to be lower power.  I have a 
three foot dish now and am not able to put up a larger one to compensate 
for the weaker downlink Eagle would have.

73 de KB7ADL

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