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AO-40 Downlink Antenna Question

Hello all,

I finally was able to become operational on AO-40 this evening.  I heard
a couple copyable qso's and even some sstv, but the signals were very
weak (S0 to S1) and headphones were a must.  I also was able to hear my
return signal too, but just above the noise.

My working conditions are; Yaesu FT-736R, Kuhne 2.4ghz down converter,
24dbi (~3'x2') bar-b-que dish with a linear feed for receive.  KLM
435-40CX 40 element circular yagi for uplink.  Power output about 25
watts (~20 at the antenna).

I realize I was somewhat light on the uplink power and have a brick amp
to improve that, but more importantly I'd like to improve my receive
side first.  Question: Does anyone know if that's a small (3' to 4'
diameter) 2.4ghz dish available, perhaps with a circular feed that will
improve my reception over my barbque dish?  Ideally, I'd rather not go
the TVRO dish route just yet, but would rather find a small dish that my
Yaesu G-5400 Az/El rotator can handle (with careful counter-balancing of
course! :).  Any suggestions?

Tnx in advance,

Butch Quallich, kf4hr
Email: kf4hr@erols.com
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