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RUDAK operations resume

We will be resuming RUDAK work on AO-40 soon with a short (about 1 hour) 
window during orbits when the satellite is in view of the command stations 
in Colorado and Alabama.  RUDAK will be on only on those orbits.

The objectives of this series of RUDAK windows are to do some further 
testing in preparation for implementing DSP based digital links to RUDAK 
that ground stations with modest equipment can use as well as to gather 
data from the radiation experiment (CEDEX).  Additionally, if time allows, 
further work to collect good pictures from SCOPE may be undertaken.  The 
objective of the SCOPE work is to compress pictures on-board to reduce the 
file sizes and it possible to routinely take pictures, and implement a 
scheduler so the earth can be imaged when the satellite is not in view of a 
command station.  New command software will also be tested.

The window is being constrained to about 70 minutes and only when in view 
of the command stations in order to limit the impact on transponder operations.

Stacey will announce the implementation of the RUDAK windows when the 
scheduler is changed.

Please see the FAQ at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sats/ao40/ao40-faq.html 
for further information about AO-40 and RUDAK.


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