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Re: Whence satgates?

VE3EMA writes: 

> This is an excerpt from this months Satgate report written by Andrew
> G8TZJ, was downloaded from UO-22...

> but nobody seems to be installing software to make them active. We could
> hijack PO-28.  ;-)  It is operational with an uplink on 2 metres but its
> downlink is just below 70 cms. A lot of rigs will tune below 430 MHz.
> However, this could lead some stations into licensing problems as although
> they are transmitting on an amateur frequency, they are not receiving on
> an amateur frequency.

This is interesting because a portion of the US 70cm band from 420-430 MHz 
is off limits to hams around the US Great Lakes region (are Canadian hams 
governed by this rule, too?) because of government radar systems. So is the 
satellite out of compliance as a result? Now this may be a technical issue 
of sorts. Is the downlink below 420 MHz? 

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