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RE: AO40 Downlink, RG213 verses 1/2 inch

>Hello List,
>I am running RG213 from my DEM downconverter to the shack,it is 
>25 Meters long..I have the DEM 2401/144 at the dish feed point.
>Is it worth the effort in laying down 1/2 inch Andrew hard line to my 
>144Mhz rx. Will I notice a big jump in signals?
>Hope one of the experts out there can help..
>Thanks in advance.

Hi Etienne,
	I'm not an expert, however: According to the ARRL handbook, 
 The loss for RG213 at 150mhz is 3.2db for 100ft. That works out to
about 2.6db for 25 meters. 
 The loss for 1/2 in. hardline is 1.0db for 100ft. That works out to 
about .8db for 25 meters. 
 The difference  will be 2.6-.8 or 1.8db. I believe that the S meter
scale on most amateur transceivers reads around 5 or 6 db per S unit,
for signals below S9. That means you would see 1/3 of an S unit increase
in signal strength. That doesn't seem like it's worth the expense and 
effort to me. 
Steve .. AI7W
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