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Re: Drake offset

A Drake 2880 will be within a few hundred kHz of 2.4 GHz = 122 MHz.  Most are within 30 kHz from the factory.  This puts the beacon on AO-40 around 123.323 +/- Doppler +/- your Drake's offset.  You can fix the offset fairly easily if you have any kind of reference signal.  Just take the cover off and there is a small variable capacitor adjacent to the LO crystal.

I use an inexpensive 5 MHz oscillator from ICM ($5) and can easily hear the harmonic at 2400 MHz.  See 
and select "S-Band Toys."
You can also use an HF or 6 M rig to generate a decent harmonic:  see the schematic on "Drake 2880 Mods."
Jerry, K5OE

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