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AMSAT-related publicity concerning Delta-IV launch

A couple of months ago, I posted a comment telling that AMSAT's own Jan King
is a major principal of Ecliptic Enterprises
(http://www.eclipticenterprises.com) who is making the RocketCam video
systems used in most US launches. I don't know if you ever look at Slashdot
(http://science.slashdot.org) but this is one of their lead items today:


Delta IV RocketCam Videos
Posted by michael on Saturday December 07, @04:09AM from the whooosh dept.

dmaas (http://www.maasdigital.com/) writes "High-quality RocketCam videos
(http://www.eclipticenterprises.com/gallery_rocketcam.shtml) from the
inaugural launch of Boeing's Delta IV rocket have just been made available
(in MPEG-1 and Quicktime formats). Of note are the spectacular strap-on
solid rocket booster separation, the extension of the second-stage engine
nozzle, and the red-hot glow of ablative material in the second-stage
engine. (disclaimer: my company prepared these videos for Ecliptic
Enterprises, maker of the RocketCam system)" We did RocketCam photos for
model rockets
(http://science.slashdot.org/articles/02/11/20/056258.shtml?tid=159) a few
weeks ago, if you want to compare.

Congratulations to Jan for another superb show. The glow of the ablative
heat shield near the end of the flick is awe-inspiring. -- 73, Tom

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