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Re: RE: Return Receipts

All I had to look at when I wrote the message was the Non-Deliverable 
message I got back so I didn't know who it was.

I did not mean to imply that you were hiding anything.  I just didn't know 
who was doing it except for the e-mail address and it was a plea to fix the 
bad address.  I have since set my e-mail program to never send a Return 
Receipt so that will fix it here.

   My objection was not to the return receipt, but the fact the return 
address was a bad one.  The return address was used from the original 
message and the non-deliverable message to me quoted the one I have below 
as the bad address.  This has been happening frequently lately.

By chance do you have a "Reply To" address in addition to your From 
address?  If so Reply messages will go to it instead of your regular e-mail 
address.  For whatever reason the return receipts were going to a bad address.

You would be able to receive all of the mail addressed to you at the good 
address, but if you do have a "Reply To" entry, replys will go there instead.

Amsat2005 wrote:
> ROY.... Hello..........
>      The address is Amsat2005@hotmail.com NOT the one you have
> listed below....
>      As  for the return receipts I have turned it OFF, I am VERY VERY
> SORRY to ALL I did not know I had it turned on. The seconed I
> read the message about the problem I turned it off. I am sorry for
> the mistake but it was just that a mistake.
>      As for the e-mail address I don't know, I get all the e-mails in
> this group and I seem to beable to send ok.
>       also I give my name and my call sign at the bottom of each message.
> I am not trying to hide my ID in any way shape or form.
> Ve3hsc
> 144.214 USB
> www.hamradio.50megs.com
> Scott
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> From: "Roy Welch" <rdwelch@swbell.net>
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> Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 12:04 AM
> Subject: [amsat-bb] RE: Return Receipts
>>Regarding the earlier message here about return receipts on messages
> posted
>>here.  The following address, amsat2005@mta1-int.prodigy.net, is being
> used
>>as a return address by someone requesting a return receipt.  The problem
> is
>>that this address is a bad address so we are subjected to a second message
>>telling us it is a bad address.  Perhaps the originating station can take
>>care of this problem.
>>73, Roy -- W0SL
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73, Roy -- W0SL

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