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re: AO-40 Spreadsheets

   ... X on my dual G4 PowerMac. The rest of the spreadsheet seems to work fine
   and I am enabling macros when loading.

   Has anyone else ran into this problem and found a solution?

Yeah, and no solution yet, either.  I don't have Excel (and hardly want to 
buy it just to run one spreadsheet a few times).  Yeah, it seems to work
somewhat at least using 'gnumeric', but unless i try to guess what those
macros do, i can't look at any configuration except 2.4G down/70cm up.  
But that's not the configuration that i think i want to run.

Alas, i've looked around several times and can't find out how to calculate
needed uplink antenna gain without it.  Is there some WWW page which will
explain how to do this, or is this spreadsheet (using proprietary software)
all we have???  

I primarily run on a PowerMac as well (usually under LINUX), so i sure wish 
there were some alternatives to running Windows software to work satellites.  
Oh, well, back to antenna simulations...

		          -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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