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Re: R: More Kansas City Tracker Questions

I was thinking of mounting the pendulum in an enclosure to solve the wind
problem and use a capacitor to dampen the oscillation (I guess the capacitor
won't work with your selsyns!) But the enclosure will limit the length of the
pendulum arm.

i8cvs wrote:

> Joe,
> For indication of elevation i use a 2" selsyng motor with a weighted pendulum
> and for azimuth indication of rotation i use another 2" selsyng motor by
> direct mechanical connection to mast.
> Two receiving selsyng motors in the shack are indicating  the AZ/EL angular
> position in two compass with 20 cm diameter and the resolution of the
> pointers  is better than 0,5 degrees and this is OK for my 1.2 meters dish at
> 2401 MHz for AO40
> The AZ and EL  AC motors are driven CW-CCW and UP-DOWN respectively by manual
> operation about every 15 minutes.
> It would be possible to use the receiving selsyng signals in to a  close loop
> servo mechanism to automatically command traking with a PC but unfortunately
> the weighted pendulum signal is the limiting factor because the weighted
> pendulum oscillates and swing everytime you rotate for azimuth and because of
> any very soft wind !
> In conclusion the weighted pendulum is not recommended for automatic tracking
> systems.
> 73" de i8CVS Domenico

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

"Jazz is not dead.  It just smells funny." -F.Z.

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