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A doubt about instantrack and linK to Icom

Hi all,

I have installed Instantrack and can control my Azimuth-Elevaciˆ„n antennas

and Doppler over me IC706MKIIG with my 486DX4 a 100Mhz with 16 Mb of RAM. It

is amazing and does a fine job.

A week ago I copied all MS2 software from my "old" PC to my "new" Pentium 1

200Mhz with 72 Mb of RAM.  Now it works quickler and Tracking does a fine

job, but Radiodrv shows me a message:

	"Serial-Port link not active"

The serial-port works fine when I connect my TNC, so I though it doesn´t

have any problem.

Reading the manual, if MBBIOS is right configurated, Radiodrv sends a signal

to serial-port and if it don´t receive the echos then sowhs the before

meessage.  If the problem was the link between the serial-port and the

Radio, the message will be different.

I have loaded the software again, and reviewed the BIOS configuration but I

cannot find any problem.

I need your help.  If you know any trick to manage to run, please send an

e-mail to ea4cyq@amsat.org

Thank you very much in advance.


Juan Antonio

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