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Re: HTX-10 on sale...

>  > Keying a pure 800 Hz tone into the mic while in SSB mode?  That's
>  > one way to generate CW (the dear old FT7 actually used this
>  > techniqe to generate CW).
>  This is exactly what I did with an old modified CB Radio I put on 10
> meters on a shoestring budget 20 years ago. It worked great !

This is a perfectly fine way to provide CW capablity. Many HSMS 
operators use this method as most radios have problems being keyed 
above relatively low speeds, at least without modification.

Most designs that I saw used a continuously running phase-shift 
oscillator to provide a sine wave, and then keyed it with a transistor. 
This ensured chirp-less, harmonically clean signals.

Just a thought.


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