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More Kansas City Tracker Questions

I have a KCT-T I would like to use to control a 10' dish antenna. What I
have in mind is to use a potentiometer with a weighted pendulum to sense
the elevation angle (0 to +90 degrees). Another pot will sense the
rotation of the dish by direct mechanical connection. Finding a suitable
360 degree rotation pot for the latter seems to be a problem. However 3
turn and 10 turn pots exist.

What drawbacks if any will I have if I use a 3 turn or 10 turn pot?
Since I am using a 10 foot dish for the S-band downlink the pointing
error (and pot resolution) will be critical.

Is a carbon pot OK or should I be looking for wirewound?

What value is recommended?

Is there any drawback to using an externally regulated supply for the
reference voltage?

By the way, I have been using the "ultimate charger" site for reference
but would appreciate links to other sites or suggestions about the
mechanics of AZ/EL positioning of a 10 ft dish. If there are surplus or
commercial sources for positioners I would like to hear about them as

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

"Jazz is not dead.  It just smells funny." -F.Z.

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