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Re: HTX-10 on sale...

John P. Toscano writes: 

> Good tip.  I checked the Radio Shack web site and they still show
> it there at $149.99, so I called my local dealer and he confirmed
> the $89.99 price.

 Yes, $89.99. I broke down and bought one. I'm almost officially on HF. Just 
hafta tune and erect the A-99 leftover from cb days. 

> However. . . 
> Looking at the web page, which seems to confirm my shaky recollection
> on the matter, the radio does NOT support CW operation. Maybe there is an
> easy mod somewhere to make the HTX-10 capable of CW operation?

 Correct, it doesn't. But there is a cw adapter schematic by N5IB available 
on the net. Just type in HTX-10 cw to find a few links. The article was 
published in "The QRP Quarterly" April 2000. This is my next project. 

> Also a bit confusing to me is the Radio Shack web page mention that
> the radio can be tuned in 1, 10, or 100 KHz steps.  That seems to be
> a bit coarse to me, considering that my FT-847 can tune in steps as
> low as 1 Hz, or 1000 times greater resolution.  Now I realize that
> 1 Hz resolution is overkill, but I'd think that you'd want at LEAST
> resolution as small as 100 Hz, if not 10 Hz.

 There is a fine tune adjustment for ssb. 1000 Hz is sufficient for 

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