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Re: HTX-10 on sale...

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Alex wrote:
> > Radioshack has the [10m all mode] HTX-10 now on clearance for only
> > $89.  Excellent radio for the money,....
> Thanks! I just went out and got the last one at my local store. (Will
> come in handy if we get to put our PSK-31 10m uplink trasnponder in
> orbit next year.)

Good tip.  I checked the Radio Shack web site and they still show
it there at $149.99, so I called my local dealer and he confirmed
the $89.99 price.

However. . .

Looking at the web page, which seems to confirm my shaky recollection
on the matter, the radio does NOT support CW operation.  Only AM, FM,
and SSB.  Since my FT-847 will take care of my needs for satellite
work pretty well, with the help of a 2.4 GHz downconverter and a 1269
transmitting converter, I was more interested in the HTX-10 as an IF
rig for terrestrial VHF/UHF contesting via transverters, until I saw
that omission.  And though I have yet to make a CW (or digital)
contact on any satellite, only SSB (mostly) and FM (a few), I wouldn't
want to entirely eliminate the possibility.  Maybe there is an easy
mod somewhere to make the HTX-10 capable of CW operation?

Also a bit confusing to me is the Radio Shack web page mention that
the radio can be tuned in 1, 10, or 100 KHz steps.  That seems to be
a bit coarse to me, considering that my FT-847 can tune in steps as
low as 1 Hz, or 1000 times greater resolution.  Now I realize that
1 Hz resolution is overkill, but I'd think that you'd want at LEAST
resolution as small as 100 Hz, if not 10 Hz.

Since Bob already went out and bought his, and he plans to use it
for PSK-31, maybe he can comment on the tuning resolution question.

73 de W0JT
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