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Re: More RF to deal with, possibly??????

If these balloons do go up, I wonder if the company could be talked into 
including a small ham linear translator package up on those.
13 miles up, and with 300,000 sq.mi. coverge (440 mile round footprint as a 
rough estimate) would mean with about ten translators being linked together 
on the ground, the CONUS could be completely covered. (the CONUS is 
2,870,084 sq miles)  A public safety argument could be made and this could 
possible be made into a pubic service contribution from the balloon 

Since it would be domestic and not a space system, frequencies like 1269 MHZ 
could be used as a downlink as well as other bands that would be taboo in 
the Amateur Space Service.

At 13 miles up, and a ground station would at most be less than 250 miles 
away from the translator/balloon/etc.  A very low power (milliwatts to low 
watts) transmitter could be used for a ham package, as pointing short yagi's 
(or small dishes, etc.) at a fixed position from a station QTH wouldn't be 
that difficult to do.

Actually this idea makes really good sense if they can make the balloons 

Now, I gotta admit, I think their use of WiFi for the demo is violating the 
spirit of Part 15, but I'd assume that if this system goes into place
they will use other frequencies, such as MMDS for the wireless Internet.  Is 
aeronautical use of part 15 transmitter's like 802.11b allowed?

Fred W0FMS

>From: Frank Frisone <KA2QYE@arrl.net>
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: [amsat-bb] More RF to deal with, possibly??????
>Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 05:53:00 -0500
>This passage taken from an e-mail newsletter that I receive called
>Wireless inSite, the 12/3 issue. I didn't find any reference to proposed
>frequencies but I thought it might be of interest to the bb.
>1. Wi-Fi Heads for the Stratosphere
>By Wireless inSITE Editor Mark Long
>Sanswire Technologies is teaming up with Telesphere Communications to
>float a whole new role for Wi-Fi technology.
>The two firms have formed a joint venture that eventually intends to
>launch a series of solar-powered, high-altitude airships that will
>carry the requisite wireless relay equipment for delivering high-speed
>Internet access to subscribers located throughout the entire
>continental United States as well as portions of Canada and Mexico.
>On December 11th, the two firms will be conducting a live
>demonstration in the Phoenix area that will be using Telesphere's
>prototype Airship. During the demo, Sanswire intends to randomly
>deploy a series of laptop computers that will all be located within a
>10-mile radius. Using the 802.11 protocol, the laptops will be able to
>interconnect by means of the airborne platform overhead, claims the
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