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Fall Funding Campaign - Results so far

Hi All,
This message is to keep you all informed on the results of the fall funding 
a more details will appear in my December President's letter.

Firstly - the Challenge of raising $2000 toward the Eagle Earth Sensors has 
been met, therefore the two anonymous donors will provide the extra $2000 to 
purchase one Earth sensor.  Any more donations, that are specifically 
designated, will go toward the second earth sensor.

We have a number of new donors to the President's Club at  Gold,  Silver, and 
Bronze levels, and  as of today (12/10/02) we have 76 new "Core Level" 

It seems that the "Core Level" has become quite popular with AMSAT members, 
and our objective is to get many more donors to support our satellite 
building programs.
Who will be our 100th donor?    

Whoever it is, will get a free one year membership in AMSAT.  Based on the 
current rate of return, I suspect that the 100th donor form will arrive at 
Silver Spring about one week from now.

Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT
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