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More RF to deal with, possibly??????

This passage taken from an e-mail newsletter that I receive called
Wireless inSite, the 12/3 issue. I didn't find any reference to proposed
frequencies but I thought it might be of interest to the bb.


1. Wi-Fi Heads for the Stratosphere
By Wireless inSITE Editor Mark Long

Sanswire Technologies is teaming up with Telesphere Communications to
float a whole new role for Wi-Fi technology.

The two firms have formed a joint venture that eventually intends to
launch a series of solar-powered, high-altitude airships that will
carry the requisite wireless relay equipment for delivering high-speed
Internet access to subscribers located throughout the entire
continental United States as well as portions of Canada and Mexico.

On December 11th, the two firms will be conducting a live
demonstration in the Phoenix area that will be using Telesphere's
prototype Airship. During the demo, Sanswire intends to randomly
deploy a series of laptop computers that will all be located within a
10-mile radius. Using the 802.11 protocol, the laptops will be able to
interconnect by means of the airborne platform overhead, claims the

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