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More Microwave Modulation Musings

Now I have three good but useless Microwave oven 2.4 GHz killowatt
transmitters with nothing to do.  WIth all the Sband receivers in AMSAT
hands, I wonder about this idea...

We all konw they are very broadband and full of 60 Hz splatter, thus
useless for narrowband modulation...

But broadband simply means that one needs to use a matched broadband
(think DSP and speread spectrum) receiver.  Now, how to encode
intellligence?.. Using DSP and you should be able to find a tremendously
strong 60 Hz component.  (just like everyone else's..)...

But what if you instead ran it on say 66 Hz or 56 Hz or something
different than 60 Hz, so that your signal could be easily DSP'ed out of
all the other spectrual lines...  A little ON/OFF keying and you may have
a nice unique EME transmitter?

Again, I know that taming a Magnetron for narrowsignal is like starting at
square one.  So that is out of the question, but why not take it as is,
and figure out a mechanism to configure the wideband signal into something
that can be recovered by a matched DSP receiver?

How to generate 67 Hz AC at a 1500W for a quick test??  Easy with my
gasoline generator...

Sorry, I hate to waste good RF transmitters on cooking popcorn..
Just musing...

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