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RE: 1200/2400 hertz Mozhaetz telemetry

Cliff said

> At least you remember how this antiquated
> system used to work.  I do remember it was the
> most forgiving, most
> fail proof slow speed data system ever!

Then I must've been doing it wrong ;-) but I was very young then.

I'm a little confused (and frustrated) with no antennas at the moment! The
telemetry I heard courtesy of JE9PEL was CW. Is there another mode or
frequency on this bird with the AFSK telemetry yet?

IIRC the Kansas City Interface used to be available with the original 300bps
and also a later 1200bps version. The parameters I originally suggested for
MixW were for 1200bps.

Here's an updated version.

First set to RTTY mode and check that it works OK.

In the Mode->Mode Settings.

o Set the RX frequency to 1800;
o Over-key the Shift to 1200;
o Over-key the baud rate to 1200 or 300 as appropriate;
o Set the Charset to ASCII8;
o You may or may not find the Inverted bit might be needed.

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