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AO-40 Update

Gary and all,

The chart you showed clearly tells the story of when operators can
expect to have access to AO-40 for QSO's.

The top line shows the MA ticks (1 of 256) for the orbit of AO-40.
The second line can be ignored since it is only for the control

During each period (020 to 050, 050-200, 200-246, 246-020) an Asterisk
indicates the "ON" condition of the item listed at the left.  Thus we
can see that the Main Beacon (MB) is always ON.  We can also see that
the PASSBAND is only operational for QSO's from MA 050 through MA 200
currently.  Note also that in the example you sent, RUDAK is not
turned on for any of the orbit.

The other references at AMSAT-DL also give a good explanation of the
schedule fields and point out that changes may be dynamic .  This is
one of the beauties of AO-40.  We can also be thankful that the
command team are VERY good about advising us when operational mode
changes are planned.

It is also interesting to note that the initial commissioning  period
of AO-40 has not really been completed and more work is still being
done to keep all possible functionality available to us users.  We are
all able to help the command team with this by capturing as much
telemetry and forwarding it on to the archives any chance we have.

73 and enjoy,

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