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Re: Lazarus?

I have just come across something most remarkable this Friday 21st June
evening. Checking out interlopers in our 145.800 - 146.000 MHz space band
with a new vertical now atop my 60' tower and working like magic, at 1728
UTC I came across a beacon at S.7 sending slow 8 -10 wpm CW on 145.973.8
MHz. It slowly Dopplered down to 145.970 MHz before going out at 1739 UTC. A
full run of TLM went: -

    Hi Hi
   100  176  164  178
   280  262  200  254
   375  358  331  354
   453  454  461  459
   541  501  552  529
   600  600  601  651
   Hi  Hi

It sounded VERY familiar, but, I'm dammned if I can recall which one it was.
Obviously an OSCAR, but which had the callsign W3OHI? Oscar-6,  7 or 8? I
think it was OSCAR-6. If so, we have a new longevity record, even beating

 The beacon peaked S9 and there were S7 burbles some 10 - 20 KHz below the
beacon, FSK'ing slightly as the beacon keyed. At times the beacon took on a
rough quality, wobbling in frequency, then coming back strong and quite
stable again. Going by the QSB rate it had about a 1 minute spin.

Could any veteran keen observers (who might look for it) please tell me what
it was, as I feel sure that any old time AMSAT OSCAR devotee may have a far
better memory than I!

73,   Pat,  G3IOR

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