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Y2K fix for PCTrack 2.14

Not that anyone else needs another satellite tracking program, but I really
missed PCTrack 2.14 when Y2K+2 hit.  PCTrack is a DOS program that runs on
anything with an EGA screen or better, and gives a wonderful view of up to 8
satellites on a very easy to read screen.  It also has a prediction utility
that gives a very compact readout of all of the passes for up to 8 
for a month or two in the future.  Great for downloading into my Palmtop for
a quick view of what's coming up.

Y2K forced me to manually go back into the database and correct the Epoch
Date.  Then 2002 came, and it refused to accept the new date, even manually.
So, having suffered for 3 months now without it, I decided to do something
about it.  With the help of some nice Linux tools, I've created a program
to patch the internal-format Keps file that PCT uses.

If anyone else misses the program, I've put the PATCH.EXE program on my
website.  Look at http://home.jps.net/~gregd/hamsite.htm at the bottom
of the page for the link.  PCT214.ZIP is also there, if you're interested.


Greg  KO6TH

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