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Sending binary attachments with MIXW or similar?


I know this is way off topic, but there are a lot of people who do off topic
things here!

A friend is looking at programs which will allow a laptop to send and
receive at 9600 baud using the sound card interface to transfer information
and pictures for use in emergency communications.  An example would be to
take a digital picture of damage and send it to the EOC.  They have been
experimenting with SSTV-type programs, but would like to work at a much
faster transfer rate.

MIXW, the commercial version of Digipan, seems to do most of what is wanted,
but there does not seem to be a way to transfer a binary file.  It does
support transfer of a text file, and there are some programs which allow the
conversion of a binary file to HEX or MIME64.  However, the emphasis here is
to make it user friendly, and with a minimum of extra components.  With
MIXW, all you need is the patch cord to the radio.  The intent is to be able
to do something like add an attachment to a message as you can do with WISP.

Any ideas on this, or perhaps a good place to look? He has sent a note off
to the author of the program, of course.  I am certain you can do this with
TCP/IP over radio with KA9Q's program, but I want to keep this user
friendly.  <very big grin>



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