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Beginner's Questions

Well hello to everyone.  Here is Phil, KB9CRY, and I'm starting to put 
together my first Satellite station.
I've been procuring equipment and such and have a few basic type 
questions.  So please pardon my bandwidth.
First let me describe the equipment I have so far and then my first set 
of questions (and I'm sure not the last set!).
Rig:    FT-736R    Ants:    2 old KLM crossed 2m and 70 cm beams (need 
refurbishing but I believe still good)
Rotator:    Yaesu G-5400    Coax:    LMR400    Software:    Nova & 
Instant Track

1.    I plan to mount the antennas on a 10 ft. tripod.  I can mount it 
about 50 ft. away on the ground in the clear or 50 ft away also
up on top of the house roof (1 story ranch house).  Which would be a 
better installation?  Obviously the roof mount
would be a little more difficult and not as accessible.
2.    My plans are to work any mode I can.  I also have a full 
complement of HF antennas to bring to bear.  What about amps?
What are suggested for 2m and 70 cm?  The 736 puts out about 35 watts.
3.    What preamps are suggested (mast mounted of course).
4.    Dumb question =    I have a KAM TNC.  Can I use this for the 
packet modes?  If not what do I need?
I'd like to eventually modify the rig to do 9600 baud.
5.    Yaesu made an add-on to operate the 736 from a computer.  Is this 
useful?  What software would I use?

I think this is enough for now.  Please reply direct so to not use up 
e-mail buffers.  I can post a compendium of suggestions
for others if they want.  Tnx in advance.  Phil  KB9CRY

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