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P3T problem


Today I could recieve AO40 very well again with my inflatable dish :-) and 
deaf NORSAT convertor. I did feed the signal to my FT847 in my shack and 
tried to read the data from AO40.

For decoding the data I use an AEA DSP-2232 modem, in mode 44, what is 
400BPS PSK AO-13 mode. The data decoded by the modem I can ready without 
problems with an simple terminal program under DOS at an 386 laptop. When I 
connect the modem to my Pentium laptop, with P3T software under WIN98, I can 
not read the data :-(

I did test the port input with an WIN98 program called HYPERTERMINAL and 
then I can see that data is readed (With many strainge characters between 
the AO40 text)

Somebody has an idea why the P3T program does not accept my DSP data ?

73 de PE1RAH, William

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