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XP, KC Tracker, ISA Slots & More

The recent chatter about the compatibility (or lack of it) for
tracking and tuning hardware make me wish that the old Trak Boxes
would make a comeback. These days, I could imagine a standalone
tracker and tuner that runs independently of any PC and yet is
connected via Ethernet to the home network so the standalone box can
get Keps and time updates. A 4-line LCD display would be a sufficient
UI to see what was going on and select what objects to track....

Such a device would obviate the need for any particular computing
hardware or platform (serial ports, parallel ports, ISA slots,
Windoze, iMac, etc.).

Such a $250-$300 AMSAT kit, with the profits going to 'Project Eagle'
would get my credit card out of my wallet so fast you wouldn't see my
hand move! :-)

Jeff, N9AVG

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