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Re: KC Tracker over XP an ISA bus

Well, he may be right after all.

PCI Mobos with ISA slots often (must?) use what's called an "ISA Bridge" - the system
actually accesses the ISA side of things via the PCI side at the hardware level. So,
XP may well not work on an ISA only Mobo. Sure wouldn't surprise me none, but I don't
know for sure.

In any case, wether XP works or not on a PCI mobo with ISA slots is no indication of
wether XP can use an ISA only mobo or not. Two different animals.


Alex Artieda wrote:
> Hi
> Estes Waine wrote>
> >I am not an authority on this subject, but a software developer told me
> that Windows-XP does not support the ISA bus..
> Sorry but your friend is wrong, I have installed XP over a DFI board with 3
> slots ISA ans 3 PCI, Processor PIII 750 and 512 MB RAM, my ISA slots working
> perfect with XP, I use and old Audio card SB 16 ISA and a Motorola Modem
> (ISA) and I dont have any problem.
> 73DX
> Alex


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