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Re: A Few Questions


"Dave Marthouse" writes:
> What would be the pros and cons of a medium earth orbit (MEO) that would
> give maximum visibility of a satellite for one or two hours at its longest
> pass over any given area such as a polar orbit.

Pros: bigger footprint and more time to play radio !!!  Mmmmmm - nice.

Con 1: as you say, signal strength differences; but not a BIG problem.
Con 2: not so many flights to this altitude (for reason see con 3) so less
       opportunities for a cheap ride; or we need extra propulsion - ugh).
Con 3: once you get above a thousand miles up (or was it km?) or so the bird
       gets into the areas of hotter radiation. Major implications for the
       lifetime of the electronics (eg survive for a couple of years 
       instead of ten years or so). It would work, but not for so long.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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