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Re: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

> One other possibility for the future is to go to higher bands that aren't
> popular for part 15 devices.  Is there an allocation in the 3.4 GHz band
> satellite downlink?  10 GHz is another good band potentially.  Look at all
> of those DBS dishes out there...

the answer is  no - there is not an amateur space allocation at 3.4GHz but
on 5.6GHz there are two:

5650-5668 for uplinks
5830-5850 for downlinks

and I am sure that someone once said that this is going to be the best band
for amateur satellite operations taking into account path loss- ease of
generating power - rx noise figures etc etc. (I admit to being biased as I
have a 10 watt PA sitting on the shelf in my shack on the off chance that
the 5668MHz Rx already built into AO40 will found to be working when they
next try it....)

fingers still crossed


Graham G3VZV

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