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RE: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

>From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu>
>But who is really gonna lose?  If you push the FCC, then the answer will
>be a SLAM-DUNK.  THey will simply tkae the band from us or change us to
>SECONDARY and then we  become the interferrers...  No way on earth is the
>FCC gonna tell the $$$Billion-dollar$$$ industry to cease.  To them,
>our complaints will be "the problem"...
>So since we are the million-to-one minority, its best to solve it at our
>own level.  There is no solution other than keeping your enviornment clear
>of these unwanted devices.  Choices are small...
>* Move to the country.
>* Operate from a hole in the ground
>* Purchase as many of these devices as  you can and keep them ALWAYS ON,
>except when you want to operate...  The spread spectrum ones will not
>notice, but maybe the video linke transmitter ones will keep some of the
>neighbors away...?
>Use it or lose it...  But use it legally...
>de WB4APR, Bob

I tend to agree with Bob.  Democracy has been described as "mob rule" and
in this case the mob has part-15 devices.  Another nice result of placing a
2.4 GHz beacon on the air is that ham radio will be shown to occupy this
band better.

BTW "moving to the country" isn't likely to help.  Alaska (pop 600,000) is
known to have the highest percapita internet use in the country!  Not much
to do on a cold dark winter's night!  So I suspect eventually I will get
surrounded by RFI.

My Panasonic 2.4G SS phone seems not to interfer with my station?


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