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Re: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

One other possibility for the future is to go to higher bands that aren't 
popular for part 15 devices.  Is there an allocation in the 3.4 GHz band for 
satellite downlink?  10 GHz is another good band potentially.  Look at all 
of those DBS dishes out there...

But for now, shielding and using higher gain dishes could potentially be a 
solution.  And yes, advances coding schemes.  The advanced coding schemes 
could probably be used with the present AO-40 Rudak...

For me, the solution is going to be moving 20 miles away from the city to a 
farm field!  In two months or so... :-)  Sweet...

Fred W0FMS

>Another choice is to take it as an engineering challenge. Let's devise
>better satellite antennas that null terrestrial sources. Let's devise
>modulation and coding schemes to resist interference from these

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