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Re: ISM interference on 2401 MHz


At 05:28 PM 3/27/02 -0800, Phil Karn wrote:
>Another choice is to take it as an engineering challenge. Let's devise
>better satellite antennas that null terrestrial sources. Let's devise
>modulation and coding schemes to resist interference from these

Good idea. I am wondering if any hams have done any work on adaptive 
antennas they would care to share with the rest of us. There are some great 
commercial satellite innovations out there. Are there also some amateur 

An electrically steerable array, with electronics to sense and phase cancel 
those signals without coherence would allow the sat op to operate in 
harmony with all of these part 15 devices.

Receivers with DSP in the IF sections work for canceling broadband noise. 
Couple this with some sort of adaptive antenna system, and we could shift 
the paradigm for satellite operation.

73, Mike kf4fdj

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