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RE: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

> Not ALL the new phones are spread spectrum, and I believe those are 
>the ones about which we're hearing complaints. They seek to find a clear 
>frequency, and use older analog technology fir the voice.  All of the 
>spread spectrum devices should just raise the noise floor, and not be 
>individually discernable as a coherent signal.
>73, Mike kf4fdj

	I don't think this statement is correct, my Panasonic 2.4 ghz 
phone is definitely Spread Spectrum and, when in operation, makes
the entire L2 downlink un-useable. 
	One of my neighbors (I don't know who) has a an analog phone 
that I've heard once or twice at the very low end of the band pass. 
It sounds like it's running WBFM. It causes no problem on the rest 
of the downlink.


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