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RE: ISM interference on 2401 MHz

<Stuff Deleted>

>                       They did but, "The guy at Best
>Buy said it was the Ham Radio stuff not working right." 
>Thanks and 73,

I've run into this problem many times over the years. (regarding
RFI complains to consumer electronics). The clerk at the 
electronics store usually doesn't know the difference between 
Ham Radio and CB, or doesn't care. He's more interested in avoiding 
a return or making a sale. Educating the clerk is no good because 
he'll be gone in 3 months and you'll have to do it again with the 
next one. I've even had manufacturers tell customers things like 
It's to bad we don't have some recourse against people who make
these kind of irresponsible statements.
Steve .. AI7W

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